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Cash Fund

Access a secure, international online cash fund platform with transparent pricing. We only charge a small commission when a donation is received, at no extra cost to your guests. Creating your cash fund is free, you can share it worldwide and withdraw the money by bank transfer whenever you like.
3% + 1€ by donation
For bank cards from the european economic area (France, Belgique...)
4.5% + 1€ by donation
For cards outside the European Economic Area (Canada , Suisse...)
Free withdrawals
Transfer money from your cash fund to your bank account for free and as often as you like
Who wins what?
For greater transparency, we wanted to give you a breakdown of the fees charged on each donation. The 3% + 1€ commission we charge is largely used to finance secure transactions, identity verification and the transfer of money to your bank account. Finally, the added value generated by each donation is used by Un Grand Jour to finance the salaries of its employees, the data center that hosts your data, liability insurance to protect your kitty and all other operating costs.
Example for a donation of €100 made with a bank card from the European Economic Area.
Amount donated by a relative 100€
Identity check -0.36€
Payment Intermediary Fee -0.4€
Banking network fees
(Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Apple Pay...)
Shipping costs to your bank account -0.28€
French VAT of 20% -0.80€
Left to finance Un Grand Jour -0.44€
Total transaction costs (3% + 1.0€) 4€
You receive in your bank account 96€
Label Plate-forme de financement participatif

Gift list

Create a multi-boutique gift list to share your gift ideas with your guests. You have a complete solution for personalizing your list, organizing it by category and tracking the gifts you receive.
  • Multi-boutiques
  • Organize your list by category
  • Your guests donate to your cash fund or make a reservation
  • Track delivery of reserved gifts
Free Creation
Create the multi boutique gift list of your dreams
Free reservations
Let your guests reserve the gifts on your list for free, to avoid duplication
Credit card donations Paid
Your guests can make a donation to your cash fund to give the gift. Visit cash fund fees are then applied

Custom site

Present your event on a page dedicated entirely to you.
  • Choose your URL
  • Create your QR Code
  • Lock the page with a password
  • Choose a customizable theme
  • Choose font and colors
  • Create content, FAQs, accommodation listings and an agenda
  • Add as many images as you like
  • Track the number of times your page is viewed
100% Free
Use the full range of tools to create a custom site that feet your needs. Accessible even to beginners

Poll & RSVP

Create an online questionnaire to gather information from your friends and family.
  • Recover postal addresses
  • Ask multiple-choice questions
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Display questions based on answers to another question
  • Personalize your greeting
  • Download answers for Excel and Google Sheets
  • Choose your URL
  • Create your QR Code
  • Lock the page with a password
100% Free
Use the full range of tools to create a online questionnaire that feet your needs. Accessible even to beginners
Data security, our priority!
Un Grand Jour is a French company that ensures the highest standards of security for your information, your cash fund and your identity. Approved as a Intermediary in Participative Financing by the ORIAS we work with the utmost transparency when it comes to managing funds. The money collected in your cash fund is held in an account dedicated to you. your savings are insured up to €100,000 by our partner AIG.
Label Plate-forme de financement participatif