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Pierre & Alice wedding
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Confirm the presence of your guests

It's very likely that you'll be organizing a vin d'honneur, a dinner and an evening party all at the same time. The great thing about Un Grand Jour is that you can ask your guests to confirm their attendance at each of these events on the same online wedding form.

Cocktail 🍹
dinner 🎉
Validation d'une donation sur cagnotte en ligne Un Grand Jour
Form answers
Jérome Dupont
Georges Vernier
Edouard Durand
Amaris Muadi
Choice of questions

Ask different types of questions

To make things easier for your guests, you can ask multiple-choice or open-ended questions. Organize your wedding form as you like, creating as many questions as you like.

List of choices
Ideal for asking your guests about their food preferences, menu choices, availability or accommodation preferences.
Free response
Any words for the bride and groom?
Convenient for asking your guests to leave you a note, give you advice or tell you what they're looking for.
Conditional questions

Questions based on previous answers

To ask your guests only the questions they need to know, you can display a question only if a specific answer has been given to a previous question. This allows you to avoid, for example, asking your guests about their dietary preferences if they've indicated that they won't be coming to the meal.

Will you be attending the dinner?
Show if :
dinner - Yes
What's your favourite dish?
Collect addresses

One-click access to your guests' contact details

To simplify the organization of your wedding, we can help you retrieve the contact details of the guests who complete your questionnaire. Find all your guests' information in one place. Activate or deactivate the postal address request with a single click.

First name
Last name
Request postal address
Postal address
Easy for +1

One person can answer for several guests

A couple, a family? No problem, we've thought of everything. A button lets you add responses for several guests. We then create an answer form for each guest on the same page. It's easy to use and convenient for you and your guests.

Answer for
First name
Answer for
First name
Add another person
Custom URL

Choice of URL and free QR code

Define the URL of your RSVP site to share with your guests on your wedding invitation, by email or on Whatsapp and Facebook. Generate a free QR code in the color of your choice to add to your prints and visual elements.
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Email notification

Receive a notification for each response

Each time a guest answers your questionnaire, you receive an e-mail notification. You can also view the responses directly on your dashboard, which centralizes all your guests' answers.

Cocktail dinner Menu
Present Present Vegetarian
Absent Present Fish
Present Present Meat
Organisez vos questions

Choisissez l'ordre d'apparition de vos questions

Déplacez, supprimez et ajoutez des questions en 1 clic pour créer le formulaire de mariage de vos rêves.

Frequently asked questions

If you need help or have a question, we're here to help.
You can find our Detailed FAQs or contact our team

Is the RSVP form free?
Yes, you can create a free account on Un Grand Jour and use the wedding form service free of charge. Un Grand Jour finances its services via a commission taken from the online cash fund that you can optionally add to your wedding website.
Can I activate and deactivate my form?
Yes, a button allows you to hide or show your form with one click. In addition to the direct link to your form, a button will be visible on your wedding website page to access the form.
What questions should I ask on my wedding form?
To help you ask the right questions, we pre-populate a wedding form with questions to request contact details, confirm the presence of your guests and their dietary preferences. You can also add questions related to accommodation at the wedding venue, transportation to the celebration site, etc.