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Baby challenge
Pierre & Alice
It'll soon be 9 months, so we've created a little challenge for you to place your bets for the birth of our baby.
Your first name
Your name
What sex will our baby be?
What color will his eyes be?
Date of birth?
First name ?
Choice of questions

Ask different types of questions

You can personalize your Baby Shower form by asking your loved ones different types of questions. Here are the two types of questions you can ask.

List of choices
Ideal for betting on the baby's sex, eye color and hair color.
Free response
A word for the future parents?
Convenient for larger answers, such as birth height, weight or a note for future parents.
Collect addresses

Your loved ones' contact details are just a click away

To simplify the organization of your baby shower and the sending of your birth announcements, we help you retrieve the contact details of the people who respond to your form. Find all your guests' information in one place. Activate or deactivate the postal address request with a single click.

First name
Last name
Request postal address
Postal address
Easy for +1

One person can answer for several guests

A couple, a family? No problem, we've thought of everything. A button lets you add responses for several guests. We then create an answer form for each guest on the same page. It's easy to use and convenient for you and your guests.

Answer for
First name
Answer for
First name
Add another person
Custom URL

Choice of URL and free QR code

Define the URL of your baby challenge to share it with friends and family by email or on Whatsapp and Facebook. Generate a free QR code in the color of your choice to add to your prints and visual elements.
Create my challenge
QR code Un Grand Jour
Conditional questions

Questions based on previous answers

The Baby Shower form can be adapted to suit your needs. A very useful feature when organizing a Baby Shower event is the ability to ask conditional questions to obtain more precise and relevant answers.

Will you be attending the gender reveal?
Show if :
Gender Reveal - Yes
Would you like to carpool?
Email notification

Receive a notification for each response

Each time a loved one answers your questionnaire, you receive an email notification. You can also consult the responses directly on your dashboard, which centralizes all your loved ones' answers.

Gender First name Date of birth
Boy Maurice 23/06/2024
Girl Camille 28/06/2024
Girl Cassandre 14/06/2024