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Create a Birth List

Create a birth cash fund with a gift list. Collect money online and let your guests reserve the gifts they'd like to give you in person. Add a birth forecast form and create a free QR code to add to your birth announcement.

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All the services for a successful baby list

Choose your favorite gifts and share your happiness with your loved ones.

Gift list

Gather all your gift ideas in a birth list. Add objects and clothes from your favorite stores and find our gift ideas inspiration.

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Gift Reservation

Guide your guests to give you the gifts you need by letting them reserve gifts for free on your list. Once reserved, they're free to buy it at the store you recommend, or go to the store of their choice.

Tapis d'éveil - Verbaudet
Early learning mats - Verbaudet
Reserved by
Alice Jaquart the 09/01/23

Baby Cash Fund

In addition to reserving gifts, you can collect donations in your baby cash fund, receive money from friends and family and spend the balance of your cash fund wherever you like.

Cagnotte de naissance Un Grand Jour
Create my birth list
Choose your gift ideas

Multi-brand gift list

Add gifts from your favorite stores and find original ideas for baby gifts in our catalog of top brands. Whether you want to furnish your baby's room, dress him or awaken him with toys and cuddly toys, we'll help you find the right baby gift ideas.

image/svg+xmlCOLLECTION AUTOMNE-HIVER 2009 Cyrillus, une histoire de mode et de famille CYRILLUS STORY C'est l'histoire d'un style, d'une réussite aussi : celle d'une petite entreprise familiale qui est devenue en trente ans une marque internationale au sein du groupe Redcats. Le secret de ce succès : le style modern-classic. Et cette envie jamaisdémentie de créer pour toute la famille des vêtements actuels et élégants qui vivent et embellissent avec le temps. L'histoire de mode et de famille continue sur En boutique ou sur catalogue : 0 892 350 950 (0,34 /mn).Paris - Bruxelles - Genève - Düsseldorf - Londres - Tokyo CONTACTS PRESSE Isabelle Léon : 03 20 23 36 81 - ileon@es.redcats.comPriscilla Faucheur : 03 20 23 36 82 -
Catalogues des idées de cadeaux de naissance dénichées par Un Grand Jour
Custom URL

Choose your birth list URL

Choose the link to your list and share it with your guests on your birth announcement, by email or on Facebook. Sharing your birth list with friends and family has never been easier!
Avoid duplicate gifts

Gift reservation

Create a free baby gift list by reserving gifts for your guests. Your family and friends can indicate the birth gift they would like to give you by making a reservation. They are then free to purchase the gift in the store of their choice and deliver it to you in person or by parcel post. Once a gift has been reserved, it becomes unavailable to other guests, so no more duplicate gifts!

Cape de Bain - Vertbaudet
Bath Cape - Vertbaudet
Reserved by
Juliette Mulliez the 09/01/23
Home delivery
Details: Colissimo DA456622G234
Go Pro Hero 11 - Go Pro
Natural teat - Totote
Reserved by
Achraf Noumir the 22/04/23
Mariage d'un couple joyeux avec un bébé
Your guests are guided

Receive gifts at home

For each gift, you can enter the URL of a website where your guests can find the product. After reserving the gift, your guests will be guided to the website of the merchant you recommend and can, if they wish, buy the gift online and send it to you by parcel post to the address you specify. They are also free to bring it to you on the day of your celebration.


Your guests reserve gifts

Each guest can reserve a gift by entering their name, email address and a message. The gift becomes unavailable to other guests to avoid duplication.

They buy gifts in the stores of their choice

Once the reservation has been confirmed, your guests are informed of the details of your gift wish and redirected to the site of the merchant you recommend.

You receive the gifts in person or by parcel post

Your guests can then give you the gift by purchasing it online and having it delivered directly to your postal address, or they can bring it to you in person.
Don't miss a single donation

The ideal birth fund

Your guests can easily and quickly donate money to your birth cash fund by making an online payment in the amount of their choice. Un Grand Jour offers a high-quality platform that enables your guests to make secure donations via over 30 payment methods such as Carte Bleue, SEPA bank transfer, Google Pay and Apple Pay...

Validation d'une donation sur cagnotte en ligne Un Grand Jour
Account activity
Sleeping bag
+ 60,00€
Giant plush
+ 80,00€
Open donation
+ 20,00€
Photo Book
+ 40,00€
Multiple shareholdings

Free contributions for a gift

For each gift on your birth list, you can choose whether it can be given by one or more people. By activating the free contribution option, an intuitive interface lets your guests know how much is left to give for your birth gift. Each guest can then make a birth gift according to his or her budget. It's also possible for your guests to add several gifts to their basket, so they can give you multiple gifts at the same time.

Table à langer - Donation valdiée sur la cagnotte de naissance Un Grand Jour
Changing Table - Holidays
Partially paid
Donations collected (70€)
Jasmine D.
12/01/23 50€
Henri L.
09/01/23 20€
Gigoteuse Vertbaudet - Donation valdiée sur la cagnotte de naissance Un Grand Jour
Gigoteuse en coton - Vertbaudet
Donations collected (35€)
Gerard H.
26/02/23 20€
Francine P.
31/12/22 15€
Mariage d'un couple joyeux en extérieur à coté d'une forêt
Free contribution

Access code lock

You can restrict access to your birth list by setting up a simple access code that you can share with friends and family. Only guests with the access code will be able to access your birth list.

Lock page
Verouiller votre cagnotte de mariage
Customer reviews

Our customers are delighted!

Un Grand Jour saves you precious time and lets you express your creativity to create the perfect birth list. Our customers are the best people to tell you what they think.


Included with our platform

Create your free gift list and access a host of free features. Use the online cash fund option if you wish to receive donations directly into your bank account.

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  • Unlimited custom site creation
  • Create unlimited multi-brand gift lists
  • Unlimited reservations
  • Export reservations and track purchases
  • Custom URL
  • Dedicated QR Code with choice of color
  • Option to lock list with password
  • Customized design, choice of font and color
  • Content creation, FAQ and calendar
  • Unlimited image gallery
  • Tracking the number of views
  • No advertising

Cash Fund option

2.5% + 1€ / donation

For cards in Euro zone € - EEA

4% + 1€ / donation

For international cards outside Euro zone € - outside EEA

Free withdrawals

Transfer your cash fund to your bank account for free and as many times as you like.
The European Economic Area (EEA) comprises l'Allemagne, Autriche, Belgique, Bulgarie, Croatie, Chypre, Danemark, Espagne, Estonie, Finlande, France, Grèce, Hongrie, Islande, Irlande, Italie, Lettonie, Liechtenstein, Lituanie, Luxembourg, Malte, Norvège, Pays-Bas, Pologne, Portugal, Roumanie, République tchèque, Slovaquie, Slovénie, Suède.
If a currency conversion takes place when withdrawing your cash fund balance to your bank account (e.g. cash fund in €EUR transferred to a £GBP bank account), a currency conversion fee of 2% will be applied.

To secure your cash fund and offer your guests a top-of-the-range payment experience worldwide, we only charge a commission at the time of payment when a donation is made to your cash fund. There are no other charges, transfer to your bank account your available balance for free, whenever you want

  • All free features
  • Unlimited pools
  • Free, unlimited withdrawals to your bank account
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cartes Bleu, SEPA, +30 payment methods
  • Receive payments from anywhere in the world
  • Withdrawals to your accounts in EUR, CHF, GBP, DKK, NOK, SEK
  • Automatic or manual withdrawals of your cash fund balance
  • Insurance that guarantees pools up to €100,000
  • Free contributions to your cash fund
  • More than one guest for the same gift
  • Export payment files to CSV
  • Download donation receipts
  • Dedicated customer service to answer your questions
A team at your service

We are here to help

We design the Un Grand Jour platform from our offices in Lille, Northern France. Our team of gift list and birth site experts are here to advise you every step of the way to ensure the best possible experience. We work daily to add features that simplify the organization of your gift lists for the big days of your lives: weddings, births, anniversaries...

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Frequently asked questions

If you need help or have a question, we're here to help.
You can find our Detailed FAQs or contact our team

How do I create my baby gift registry ?
Creating a baby list is extremely simple with Un Grand Jour. Create your account, then add the details of your event and the name of your spouse. Then add all your gift wishes and organize the list as you wish. You choose whether you wish to receive online donations into your cash fund or let people reserve gifts to receive them in person.
What's the point of a baby gift registry?
Creating a baby gift registry allows parents-to-be to ensure that they receive the items they need for their baby. It can also help friends and family find appropriate gifts for the newborn, ensuring that they buy items the parents really need and avoid buying duplicate gifts.
How much does a baby gift registry cost?
Creating a birth list with a personalized page is free on Un Grand Jour. You can receive gifts from your birth list free of charge by using the "Reservation" participation mode. It allows your guests to indicate that they are going to give you a particular birth gift, and are then free to buy it in the store of their choice. If you wish to use the Birth Kitty service, a fee of 3% + €1 per payment is charged to ensure secure transactions and the best possible kitty experience.
How long does my baby gift registry stay online on Un Grand Jour?
When you create your baby wishlist online with Un Grand Jour, it remains available for life. This allows the couple and their guests to preserve memories of the birth and receive gifts even months after the baby's birth.
How do I add information to my baby gift registry?
With Un Grand Jour you can easily create content to present your event. Add anecdotes about your couple or the pregnancy, present the good news and add images with ease. This free service lets your guests find all the information about the birth of your child on a page dedicated to you.
How can I personalize the URL of my baby gift registry?
When you create your baby list on Un Grand Jour, we let you choose your personalized URL. This URL can then be modified to simplify or shorten it.